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Sarcastic and rude statements to children can leave as deep a wound as a cigarette burn or welts from a belt. This important program looks at both physical and emotional child abuse, and the lifetime effects they may have on children. We touch on what you can do if you recognize abuse of someone you know. A Meridian Production.

One 23-minute video.


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Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
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Children born to mothers with substance abuse problems frequently suffer severe physical, cognitive, and behavioral abnormalities. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) occurs when pregnant women drink during pregnancy and may result in babies who have proble...(more details)
Kids.calm: Childhood Stress
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Is childhood really the carefree and happy-go-lucky picture that some adults paint? Not always! In this program, we see that children do have stress in their lives, but not the wisdom or experience to know how to handle it. Eye-catching graphics and ...(more details)
Monsters in the Closet: Childhood Fears
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A fear of the dark. A fear of thunderstorms. A fear of monsters in the closet. Even a fear of being sucked down the bathroom drain. Although they are frightening, childhood fears are generally a benign part of growing up. In this program, parents and...(more details)
Child Abuse: Chain of Pain
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Overviews the five basic categories of child abuse and their effects on children. The video also examines the reasons adults abuse children, and describes ways to stop current abuse and prevent future abuse. Also stressed are means of obtaining help ...(more details)

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